Hair is an important component in the human body. It basically brings the external beauty, especially in the women. However, some types of hair on women heads may not be as pleasant to showcase the much desired feminine beauty. It is due to this simple shortcoming that women find their way to beauty shops and salons to purchase hair extensions that blend with their liking. Investing on a standard hair extension is thus a very important aspect to consider. Remember it’s not just hair extension but quality hair extension that matches your inner women, the shape of your face and the kind of environment you are in, and among many other considerations. The grade 8a hair extension is favored by many of our customers for a number of reasons. However before we lay the reasons down, let us review the other hair grades such as 4a and 6a, and point out their features for you to be better informed. By the end of this review, you will be able to establish that grade 8a hair is in a class of its own.

1. Grade 4a Hair

– This is a locally available hair grade.
– It is of a low quality.
– It tangles very easily and thus forms some disorganized appearance on your head.
– It is known to shed so much and thus with time the artificial head shape will start getting lost.
– It is better purchased in shorter lengths meaning that the length can only be as long as twelve inches and not any longer. This is because due to how it tangles as well the danger of shedding a lot of it while combing it.
– Though the grade is low, this grade of hair can last for four weeks if good care is administered on it.
– Caring for this grade of hair extension requires leave-in conditioner as well as light oiling of the hair tips and thereafter wrapping it completely at night.

This hair grade is not a wise buy since its quality is low and thus cumbersome. Detangling the hair is another challenge that has to be handled with specific considerations. Without following these specifications may lead you to end up cutting the hair down.

2. Grade 6a Hair

Features :
– It is certainly a better grade than the 4a grade hair.
– This hair grade works well with straight hair.
– This grade of hair has the advantage of being re-used since it does not tangle easily.
– Unlike the 4a hair grade, the 6a hair grade is good for 12 to 18 inches.
– Has a lasting ability to last from six months to one year if great care is taken on it.
– It is great for people purchasing under budget constraints. It is deemed to give you value for your money.
– In terms of the care needed for this grade of hair, ensure you apply the leave-in conditioner at least once a week and keep the hair wrapped the whole night.
– This hair grade can be detangled while wet. This totally contrasts with the grade 4a hair grade.
– Though this grade of hair can be detangled due to its minimal tangling, it is advisable to apply hair conditioning before detangling.

Though grade 6a hair is certainly not the best the market has to offer, it is certainly not the lowest grade and it is within your pocket’s reach. It’s a great purchase if you are on a budget because the hair will last one year if properly taken care of. It is definitely a fair choice of extension for your beauty enhancement.

3. Grade 8a Hair

– This grade of hair is a premium one since it is 100% virgin unprocessed human Remy hair.
– It is undoubtedly among the highest quality hair in the market. Due to its great quality, it is a little more expensive though the price is worth it.
– You can even decide to purchase over 18 inches plus in length.
– Has full cuticle laying in the direction of the hair growth with very strong hair shaft.
– It is characterized by less shedding as well as minimal tangling.
– It is great for those who prefer curlier hair. It maintains that desired look and gives you more confidence both in private and in public.
– Unlike the other two hair grades, the grade 8a hair lasts up to two years. This is possible with good care being taken on the hair.
– It can be colored to white color but still remain in good health.
– This hair grade is a favorite among many. It is viewed as a great solution to hair issues.
– It is an absolute favorite for a woman who loves her hair and does a lot with it.
– If you wear your hair in different styles, then the 8a grade is perfect for you. It allows you to spot different looks and enriches your facial appearance.
– In caring for the grade 8a hair bundles, it is advisable to ensure you apply the leave-in conditioner at least once a week and keep the head wrapped through the night after the application. This ensures that the hair can serve you for a long span of time while still maintaining the quality.

This is a higher grade of hair. It is among the most preferred grades on offer, and thus its maintenance is simple. The manufacturers have taken enough time to ensure the grade 8a hair has few or no imperfections. This is meant to satisfy your urge for quality hair extension.

The grade 8a hair is more priced than most of the common hair extensions. However, this price difference is catered for by its quality and its lifespan. It is therefore not by accident that the grade 8a hair is such a favorite for many customers. You are therefore ensured of getting the best out of the hair extension as well as adding value to your looks. Remember good looks ignite great confidence and raise your self-esteem.